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Sustainability / Next steps

Next steps

This consultation is just the first of many we will be holding to ensure your views continue to shape the developing plans, and that your questions and concerns are answered at each stage of the process. Even when we are not holding events, we will have a team dedicated to working with the communities around the development who you can call, email or meet.
Planning is a complicated process, and we’ve set out some of the key milestones coming up as the Local Plan moves forward and the plans for Bowmans Cross evolve.

Key planning stages and what they mean

Indicative timeline

Local Plan

Bowmans Cross

REG 18

Autumn / Winter 2021

Reg 18

This sets out specific bodies or persons that a Local Planning Authority must notify and invite representations from in developing its Local Plan.


Winter 2021

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping

For Bowmans Cross we will need to agree the extent of issues to be assessed and then reported in an Environmental Statement, which will be submitted as part of the Outline Application. Ie: what the potential impacts are of the development on the local environment and any mitigation required.



Sustainable Transport Assessment

A key part of the planning for Bowmans Cross which will objectively assess the transport impacts of the development; taking into account the proposed sustainable transport measures and investments, and travel plan support for new residents; and set out the proposed investments to be made in the local transport network to achieve these.

REG 19

Summer 2022

Reg 19

This is the Local Planning Authority’s publication of its Local Plan for consultation. Once the Plan is consulted on and refined, then it will be formally submitted for examination.


Autumn / Winter 2022


Urban&Civic will submit an Outline Planning application alongside the Local Plan Process. While it cannot be determined in advance of the Local Plan being adopted, this enables the detail of the proposals to be fully considered and tested.


Winter 2022/23


Once the Local Planning Authority has finished preparing and consulting on its Local Plan, it must be submitted to the Secretary of State who will appoint an Inspector to carry out an independent examination.

Planning to delivery

Even on the back of an Outline Application being consented, the nature of strategic development means that Urban&Civic will still need to undertake additional consultation and work to refine key details. This will include the detailed phasing of the development and detailed design work for each key feature or area.

All of these will be consulted on, and each level of the development must reflect the principles set out through the Outline Application. This is key as it ensures that, at all stages of the development, there is a guarantee that the development will be consistent with the vision – from the first tree planted to the last brick laid.

The three tiers of development

Submitted by the Master Developerand / or end user / housebuilder Submitted by the Master Developer Submitted by the Master Developer Tier ThreeReserved Matters Tier TwoKey Matters Tier OneOutline Covers individual parcels of homes or community buildings Bringing forward each phase of the development Covering the whole development Site Wide Strategies Estate Management Ecological Mitigation and Management Community Facilities Delivery Water Management Strategy Code of Construction Practice Principle and Specification of Development Key Access Points and Locations for Facilities set out in Parameter Plan Key Phase Framework Design Code/Brief Written scheme of archaeological investigation Transport Assessment Delivery Plan Affordable Housing Site Wide Strategy Supplements Sustainability statement Key Phase Framework Extent of Key Phase Schedule of Uses Quantum of Development Education Viability Reserved Matters Application Landscape Appearance Scale Layout Access Design Code Checklist For example, parcels of 150 homes Community Buildings Primary School Green Infrastructure Grey Infrastructure For example, 1,000–1,500 homes Regulatory Plan Including 6,000 homes Parameter Plan
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Homes for all

As we go through the planning process, we will define the range of house sizes, types and tenures that will be coming forward, and hand pick housebuilder partners to deliver Bowmans Cross with us.

At least 40% of the homes, will come forward through Affordable Home schemes including:

  • Shared ownership
  • Rent to Buy
  • Social rent

Urban&Civic will also work with housebuilders to explore Homes for Life opportunities – where homes can be adapted around you as your health needs change – and self build opportunities.

We want to hear about the homes you think the area needs, to help shape these plans.